Career Opportunities

Below is a list of current job opportunities at Vantix Systems. Please contact our human resources manager if you have any questions.

  Location Date Description Skills Type
Remote ESAMC-2662-Mgmt-Consultant Governance, Project Management, Land Information, Oil & Gas Contract
Edmonton ESABC-2661-Bus-Consultant Change Management, PROSCI, Coaching Contract
Remote CANPA-2660-Programmer-Analyst Agile, C#.NET, Micro Services, Web, OOAD, .NET 4.0 Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2659-Business-Analyst Documentation, BPR, Requirements Gathering, Meetings Contract
Edmonton EDMBA-2658-BIBA-Analyst COTS, Enterprise, MDM, BI, Data Vault, ECM Contract
Victoria/Remote VICPM-2657-Project-Manager Negotiation, Contract Management, Risk, Teams, Project Contract
Edmonton EAEFD-2656-FullStack-Dev C#, .NET, IIS, SQL Service, VS, JS, CSS, Angular, CI/CD, API Contract
Edmonton ESATA-2654-Technical-Architect Audio Visual Technology, Security Contract
Edmonton EDMBA-2653-Business-Analyst BPR, Technical Writing, Documentation, Mentoring Contract
Edmonton EDMBA-2652-Business-Analyst Enterprise Applications, Data review, Process Analysis Contract
Remote/Edmonton ESADD-2651-Dynamics-Developer ETL, SSIS, .NET, C#, D365 Contract
Edmonton EDMIB-2650-IM-BA EIAM, UAT, Stakeholder meetings, Process designs Contract
Remote/Edmonton ESASA-2649-Server-Analyst RHEL, VMWare, Solaris, Sparc T, Ansible, ServiceNow Contract
Edmonton ESADB-2648-Dynamics-BA .NET, PL/SQL, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SharePoint, Dynamics, CRM Contract
Edmonton ESAAA-2647-Application-Architect .NET, Java, Python, Enterprise, OWASP, TOGAF Contract
Regina/Remote REGAD-2646-App-Developer Python, SQL, Moodle, Qualtrics, Firebase, Meraki Contract
Remote/Victoria VICSL-2645-Solution-Lead COTS, M365, SharePoint, Cloud, PowerApps, MS Teams Contract
Edmonton EAHPM-2644-Program-Manager Healthcare, Resource Management, Work Plan, Workshops Contract
Remote/Edmonton ESAHD-2643-HelpDesk-Analyst Help Desk Software, ID verification, MS Office, UAT Contract
Edmonton/Remote ESAPM-2642-Program-Manager Scope, Charters, Plans, Reports, Risks, ERP, CRM, Testing Contract
Vancouver/Remote VANDD-2641-Dynamics-Dev Microsoft Stack, Dynamics 365 CRM, Dataverse, Azure Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2640-Project-Manager PMP, Agile, Forecasting, Budgets, Concurrent, Custom Contract
Remote ESASA-2639-ServiceNow-Architect ServiceNow, Mentoring, CSA, CAD, CIS, Agile/DevOp Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2638-Security-Analyst ISO, NIST (CSF), SOC1/SOC2, HIPAA, OS, TCP/IP, Oracle, Java Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2637-Business-Analyst Documentation, BPR, Meetings, Requirements, UAT Contract
Edmonton (Remote) ESAAA-2636-App-Architect Any of: .NET, Java, Python, Enterprise, OWASP, TOGAF Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2635-Project-Mgr RFP, PCI Compliance, Scope, Charter, PMP Contract
Edmonton ESAAD-2634-App-Developer Entity, .NET, SQL, REST, TypeScript, Azure, Git, CI/CD Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2633-Support-Analyst MFA, SCCM, Teams, Microsoft Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2632-Server-Analyst Windows 2016 AD, Exchange 2010, O365, Remedy Contract
Regina REGSA-2631-Security-Analyst Cyber Security, Networks, Design, Implementation Contract
Edmonton/Remote EEPCS-2630-Security-Cloud Azure, Cloud, AWS, PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, OS, testing Contract
Edmonton/Remote EAEFD-2629-FullStack-Dev C#, .NET, IIS, SQL Service, VS, JS, CSS, Angular, CI/CD, API Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2628-SAP-Analyst SAP ISU Billing, CRM, FICA, DM/PM, ABAP, DM Contract
Edmonton EDISM-2627-Scrum-Master Agile, UX design, Cross-Functional Teams, Delivery Contract
Edmonton EDIDS-2626-DevOps-Specialist DevOps, OpenShift, OKD, Infrastructure as Code Contract
Edmonton EDIAD-2625-Automation-Dev Leadership, Automation, BDD/TDD, Service Quality Contract
Remote EDMSC-2624-SAPFICO-PM SAP PM, FICO Contract
Remote/Edmonton ESABA-2622-BI-Analyst SAS, Power BI, Tableau, SQL Server, Python, R Contract
Edmonton EDIFD-2622-Fullstack-Dev JavaScript, Python, C#, Laravel, Angular, React Contract
Edmonton EDIDA-2621-Digital-Architect ASP.NET, JavaScript Frameworks, Web, Architecture Contract
Edmonton/Remote EAPDS-2620-Desktop-Support Microsoft, Adobe, Windows Server, AD, LAN, TCP/IP Contract
Remote/Edmonton EDMCM-2619-Remote-ChangeMgr Communication, O365, UX, PROSCI Contract
Remote CANOD-2618-Oracle-DBA Oracle, Windows Server, SQL, SQLPLUS, TOAD Contract
Alberta/Remote ESASA-2617-Server-Analysts Windows, Remedy, ADS, NTFSP, Powershell, LDAP, ITSM Contract
Edmonton EDISD-2616-Service-Designer Human centred design, Research, Prototypes, UAT Contract
Edmonton EDIFD-2615-FrontEnd-Designer UX Artifacts, Storyboards, Wireframes, Agile Contract
Edmonton EDISA-2614-Solution-Architect Agile, Laravel, Spring, Django, ASP.NET Core, Angular Contract
Edmonton EDMBA-2613-Business-Analyst COTS, Records Management, CBAP, Microsoft Contract
Edmonton EAEFD-2612-FullStack-Dev C#, .NET, IIS, SQL Service, VS, JS, CSS, Angular, CI/CD, API Contract
Edmonton EDMCS-2611-Cloud-SysAdmin AD, VMware, VPN, AWS, Azure, M365, Infrastructure Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2610-Project-Managers Vision, Scope, Risk, Concurrent Projects, Forecasting Contract
Remote EDMSC-2609-SAP-Consultant SAP, Web IDE, UI, JavaScript/JQuery, REST, HTML5 Contract
Edmonton EEPTW-2592-Developer C#, MS Office Suite, XML, VBA, SQL, CMS Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2608-Business-Analysts Documentation, BPR, Meetings, Requirements, UAT Contract
Edmonton EDMJD-2607-JrInt-Dev .NET, C#, SQL Employee
Edmonton EDMPM-2606-GIS-PM BPR, Change Management, GIS, Codespaces Contract
Edmonton EDMEA-2605-EIAM-BA Google Suite, EIAM, CBAP, Communication Skills Contract
Edmonton EEPPM-2604-Project-Manager COTS, Facilitation, Charters, Financials, Project Plans Contract
Edmonton EEPSB-2603-Senior-BA COTS, Microsoft Applications, Records Management Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2602-Project-Manager Charters, Business Cases, Custom Projects, Relationships Contract
Edmonton ESAAA-2601-App-Architect .NET, Java, Python, TOGAF, Cloud, OWASP Contract
Edmonton EVSDD-2600-DotNet-Dev .NET, SQL Server, Javascript, Angular, Web Services, Ajax FTE
Edmonton EVSDA-2599-Dynamics-Architect Agile (Scrum), Dynamics 2013, 2016 or CRM 365, 0365 Contract
Edmonton EDMSA-2591-SAPFICO-Analyst SAP, S4/HANA, Ariba, Accounting, Modules Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2598-Business-Analyst UAT, BPR, Workshops, IT Service Management, Agile Contract
Victoria VICIP-2597-Infrastructure-PM Agile/Hybrid, Best Practices, SOP, Networking, Infrastructure Contract
Edmonton EEPPM-2596-Program-Mgr CAD, RMS, ECM, GIS, Legacy Transitioning, CM, Mediation Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2595-Project-Manager Vision, Scope, Risk, Status, Charters, Meetings Contract
Edmonton ESASA-2594-SharePoint-Analyst SharePoint, Nintex, metadata, workflows, architecture Contract
Edmonton ESAPS-2593-Procurement-Spec RFP, Business Writing, Bid Law, Facilitation Contract
Edmonton EEPFA-2590-Functional-Analyst Oracle PL/SQL, SR, e-Business, Modules, analysis Contract
Edmonton ESAPD-2589-Python-Dev Python, SQL, ETL, SSIS, NiFi, Sqoop, Talend, ODI, Power BI Contract
Edmonton EDMVA-2588-VOIP-Analyst Avaya, Telstrat, Centrex, Polycom Contract
Edmonton EAHBA-2587-Business-Analyst CMC or CCMP, CM, Modeling, Data Mapping, Dynamics Contract
Edmonton ESAAD-2586-App-Developer .NET, TFS, Secure Files, VBA, SQL, ODP.NET, WCF, WPF Contract
Victoria VICBA-2585-Business-Analyst BPR, Change Management, Modeling, Agile, Analysis Contract
Victoria VICFL-2584-FinStream-Lead CM, Business Analysis, SOP, Documentation Contract
Victoria VICCD-2364-Cloud-Dev Agile, Azure, Sprints, SDLC, CI/CD, DevOps Contract
Edmonton ESABI-2583-BI-Analyst SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Investigator, Power BI Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2582-Project-Manager Waterfall, Agile, IMT, Concurrent Projects Contract
Edmonton ECECM-2581-Change-Manager PROSCI, Change Management, Reporting, Planning Contract
Victoria VICBA-2579-Business-Analyst Change Management, ERP, Business Analysis Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2578-Senior-BA Agile, Waterfall, SharePoint, SQL, Integration, Workshops Contract
Edmonton ECPBA-2576-Business-Analyst CBAP,PMP (or equiv), UAT, SCRUM, Visio, ServiceNow Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2575-BA-12 Gathering/Translating Requirements, Documentation, BPR Contract
Edmonton EEPSS-2574-SAP-SysAnalyst SAP ISU Billing, CRM, FICA, DM/PM, ABAP, DM Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2573-Business-Analyst JAD, Requirements Gathering, Current/Future State, BPM Contract
Edmonton ESAAA-2572-App-Architect .NET Framework, Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF Contract
Edmonton/Remote ESATA-2571-Test-Analyst SDLC, Unit Testing, Documentation, TDD, Traceability Contract
Edmonton/Remote ESAPD-2570-Python-Dev Python, SQL, Apache, NiFi, Sqoop, Talend, CSS, Agile Contract
Edmonton/Remote ESABA-2569-Business-Analyst BI, SWOT, Flowcharts, SDLC, Big Data, UAT Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2568-Project-Manager Business Writing, Business Cases, Privacy, IMS, Management Contract
Edmonton/Remote ESASA-2567-Storage-Analyst Hadoop/Spark, Linux, AD, LDAP, Kerberos, SQL Contract
Edmonton ESAAA-2566-App-Analyst Windows Server, CI/CD, Azure, Batch Scripting, VS, SQL Contract
Edmonton ESAAA-2565-App-Architect .NET, Enterprise projects, Communication, OWASP, TOGAF Contract
Edmonton ESADA-2564-Data-Architect Data Modeling, SAS VA, Power BI, Cognos, Big Data, Frameworks Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2563-Business-Analyst Migration, Cloud, Troubleshooting, MS Project, PowerPoint Contract
Remote ESAOD-2562-Opentext-Dev OpenText, Java, SQL, C#, VS, Documentation, Siebel, ETL Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2560-Project-Manager Scope, Charters, Custom Software, Concurrent Projects Contract
Edmonton ESAMA-2558-M365-Architect M365, Azure, Cloud Architecture, Frameworks, Testing Contract
Edmonton EDMPM-2557-Application-PM CRM, CM, BPR, GIS, Codespaces Contract
Edmonton EDMSD-2556-Senior-Dev C#, .NET, XML, JS, SQL, VS, Azure, CRM Contract
Edmonton EEPPM-2535-Project-Manager Change Management, BPR, ESRI GIS, Codespaces Contract
Edmonton EDEFD-2534-Fullstack-Dev JavaScript, Python, C#, Laravel, Angular, React Contract
Edmonton EDIDA-2533-Digital-Architect ASP.NET, JavaScript Frameworks, Web, Architecture Contract
Edmonton EAEFD-2520-Fullstack-Dev Agile, Cloud, C#, .NET, IIS, SQL Server, VS, CI/CD, JavaScript Contract
Toronto ONTSD-2529-Sharepoint-Dev SharePoint 2010/2013, InfoPath, Dynamics, SQL, XML Contract
Toronto ONDD-2528-Dynamics-Dev UML, .NET, ASP.NET, TSQL, SSRS, Agile, WCF, WPF Contract
Edmonton EDISD-2527-Service-Designer Human centred design, Research, Prototypes, UAT Contract
Edmonton EDIAD-2526-Automation-Dev Leadership, Automation, BDD/TDD, Service Quality Contract
Edmonton ESAWA-2478-WebServices-Analyst Red Dot, SQL, ASP.NET, Google Search, Testing, Graphic Design Contract
Edmonton ESADD-2470-Dynamics-Dev Dynamics 2016 CRM+, XML, UML, Use Cases, SSIS, Mainframe Contract
Edmonton ESADA-2467-Data-Architect Enterprise Solution Databases, Cognos BI Suite, SQL, Power BI Contract
Edmonton ESAOD-2463-Oracle-Developer Oracle, CA Workload Center, Forms, Reports, SIT, Linux/Unix Contract
Edmonton EEPMA-2460-Mobile-Analyst ASP.NET, Angular, React, SCCM, MDM, SQL Xamarin, Azure Contract
Edmonton ESATA-2457-Technical-Analyst Requirements Gathering, Analysis, Improvement, Communication Contract
Edmonton ESACM-2455-Change-Manager Risk, Quality, PROSCI, Tact, Processes, Policies, Bes Practices Contract
St. Catherines ONTLD-2452-Lead-Developer .NET, Full Stack, C#, Typescript, JS, Agile, SQL, Angular, Azure Contract
Gatineau CANBP-2451-Bilingual-Programmer WCAG, ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server, Dynamics, JavaScript, CSS Contract
Toronto ONTJD-2450-Java-Developer Java Enterprise Technologies, Eclipse/Ration, JQuery, ORM, SQL Contract
Edmonton ESASA-2447-Storage-Analyst Hadoop/Spark, Linuxr, Kerberos, AD, LDAP, SQL Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2444-BI-Analyst SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Investigator, Power BI, SQL Contract
Edmonton ESAAA-2439-Application-Architect .NET Framework, MVC, Web API, WCF, TOGAF, OWASP Contract
Edmonton EAEPM-2438-Project-Manager MS Project, AWS/Azure, Agile, Web, OO, .NET, C# Contract
Vancouver VANAD-2437-Application-Developer Cloud, .NET, Java, Power BI, Azure, Solution Architecture Contract
Victoria VICBA-2436-Business-Analyst BPR, CM, Documentation, Models, As-Is/To-Be Contract
Vancouver VANBA-2435-Business-Analyst CM, Requirements Gathering, User Test Cases, Documentation Contract
Edmonton ESAOD-2428-Oracle-Developer Oracle, Linux/Unix, CA Workload Control Center, Finance Contract
Vancouver VICSB-2416-Senior-BA
Toronto ONTJD-2415-Java-Developer Angular / Typescript / Node JavaScript, Web UI, Struts, EJB, JPA Contract
Toronto ONTPD-2414-Programmer-Dev BPM, Java, Domino, AngularJS, Oracle Designer, AJAX, SQL, JSP Contract
Toronto ONTSM-2413-Scrum-Master Scrum, Agile, JIRA, MS Project / Office / Visio Contract
Toronto ONTMD-2411-Mobile-Designer HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, Java. Oracle Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2410-Systems-Analyst PL/SQL, Unix/Linux, Java or .NET, Oracle OSB / SOA Contract
Edmonton ESADD-2409-DotNet-Developer .NET Framework. C#, Web Services, T-SQL, BizTalk Contract
Edmonton ESAAD-2408-App-Developer .NET, SQL Server, TFS, C#, MVC, WebAPI, Dynamics Contract
Edmonton EEPMD-2407-WebMobile-Developer .NET, HTML, CSS, React, Angular, Vue, REST, SOAP, Azure, JS Contract
Edmonton EEPSA-2406-SAP-BA SAP S4/HANA, Facilitation, Systems Analysis, CBAP, COTS Contract
Edmonton EEPPM-2405-Senior-PM Project Management, Infrastructure, Applications, Facilitation Contract
Edmonton ESAMC-2403-Management-Consultant Information Management, Documentation, Business Cases Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2402-Business-Analyst SQL Server, Project Administration, Business Analysis, BPR, Agile Contract
Edmonton ESASA-2401-Server-Analyst Active Directory, Exchange, Windows Servers, O365, Remedy Contract
Regina RCSTL-2400-Technical-Lead Weblogic, Fusion, BI, OBIEE, Cognos Analytics 11.1 R5, D365 Contract
Edmonton EDIDA-2399-Data-Architect Data architecture, Data Governance, Cross-Functional Teams Contract
Edmonton EDIDS-2398-DevOps-Specialist DevOps, Continuous Delivery, OpenShift/OKD or Kubernetes, Cloud Contract
Edmonton EDISM-2395-Scrum-Master Agile, UX, Human-Centred, Service Design Contract
Edmonton ESAOA-2394-Oracle-Analyst Oracle Database, Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Agile, JAD, RAD Contract
Edmonton ESAPM-2393-Project-Manager Daily Meetings, Infrastructure, Schedule Plans, Risks, ERP Contract
Edmonton EDIFD-2391-Fullstack-Developer Digital Services, Full-Stack, JavaScript Framework, Human-centred Contract
Edmonton ESABA-2389-Business-Analyst Requirements gathering, Impact analysis, Change Management Contract
Edmonton ESAAD-2388-Application-Developer MVC, SQL Server, WCF, Web API, JQuery, C#, CI, TFS Contract
Edmonton EDIFD-2387-Fullstack-Devs Digital Services, Full-Stack, JavaScript Framework, Human-centred Contract
Edmonton EDIFD-2386-Frontend-Designer UX artifacts, Agile, Component Libraries, Storyboards, Flows Contract
Edmonton EAEFD-2384-Fullstack-Developer C#, .Net, OO, IIS, SQL Server, Visual Studio, JS, CSS, HTML, Angular Contract